Bilder zu den Vorbereitung und Abreise

Sydney und die ersten Tage auf dem Rad

Viel feucht, doch auch etwas fröhlich… – 698 km seit Sydney

Die 1.000er Marke ist geknackt, Dorrigo bis Byron Bay – 1.023 km

Byron Bay bis Rainbow Beach – 1.639 km

Rainbow Beach bis Heron Island – 2.178 km

Heron Island bis Bowen – 2.920 km

Bowen bis Cape Tribulation – 3.801 km

Cape Tripulation bis Mount Isa – 5126 km

Mt. Isa bis Tennant Creek – 5.916 km

Tennant Creek bis Darwin – 7.079 km

Darwin bis Kununarra – 7.956 km

 Kununarra bis Broome – 9.038 km

 Broome bis Coral Bay – 10.917 km

 Coral Bay bis Bunbury – 12.495 km

 Bunbury bis Esperance – 13.713 km

Esperance – Ceduna – 15.072 km

Ceduna – Melbourne – 17.211 km

Melbourne – zum Meer 18.312 km

18.544 km Sydney to Sydney – This journey is over.

Projektreise nach Kenia.



2 Antworten auf „Galerie“

Hello Nicole and Uwe
I am still planning a barbecue for you both when you get to Sydney to mark the end of this epic ride.
It has been a while since I looked at your website. Wow! I am really impressed. You have made great progress on your bikes and also maintained a regular blog and website. The photos are as impressive as your efforts on your bikes.
Since our meeting at the Sandfire Roadhouse south of Broome, Peter and I drove on to Darwin and then to the Gold Coast where we spent three weeks with my mother. She was holidaying there. We arrived back in Sydney at the end of August. In the last week we drove to Melbourne and back to visit family and friends.
I will keep an eye on your travels and will follow up on when will be a suitable evening for the BBQ.
Best wishes
Sean buck

Hello Sean,
thanks for your comment and sorry, that our reply is so late.
But we were realy happy to read from you. You are still remembering us!
We are not sure, when we will arrive in Sydney. At the moment we are in Kilmore, north of Melbourne and we guess, we will be reach Sydney around christmas. So let us keep in touch.

Many greetings from
Nicole and Uwe

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